“Fashion is the Healthiest Motivation for Losing Weight”


Last night I attended Sugar Blues, a workshop about sugar. Sugar is an addictive, you know it and so do I but yet we continue to consume it. I struggle with belly fat, and of course it’s due to sugar. Sugar is soooo gooood but yet sooooo EVIL!


Food Fashionista

It’s hidden in everything from bread to tomato sauce. When Health Coach Natasha started to break down grams of sugar vs. teaspoons of sugar I was amazed.

For instance:

21 grams of sugar = 5 teaspoons of sugar

14grams = 3 tsp. of sugar

44 grams =10tsp of sugar

When you look at sugar in tsp. opposed to grams is shocking! We would never put that much sugar in a cup of tea, but yet it’s in alllll the food we consume.


We may not even realize it but sugar causes many symptoms in our bodies and to name a few:


Mood changes


Memory Loss

Increased appetite

Joint Pain

The National Cancer Institute doesn’t have CLEAR evidence that links cancer to humans but studies have shown that lab rats with cancer have been linked to aspartame and saccharin.

Another name for aspartame is NUTRASWEET and EQUAL

Another name for saccharin is SWEET n LOW

Isn’t that alarming! Not only are these sweeteners manufactured, the FDA approved them.

I am not saying to make drastic changes in your diet; I am just suggesting that we NEED to pay better attention to what we are eating.

If you find your energy going up and down every day, one minute your hyped and the next your dragging, you’re on a sugar roller coaster!

There is an alternative to sugary foods and other natural sweeteners.

Fruit Smoothies made at home with natural fruit. Some of those prepackaged smoothie mixes have so much sugar in them. Read the labels.

Natural Sweeteners: Honey (check the label-I have seen corn syrup in honey), Stevia, Maple Sugar, Molasses, Agave Nectar….and many more.

I hope this gives you some insight into bettering your health. I know we all face certain challenges but it’s important to educate ourselves because clearly just because the FDA approves it, it doesn’t mean its 100percent healthy.

For more resources about Sugar Blues or learning about the benefits of having a health coach, I highly recommend Health Coach Natasha.

You can read her blog here. I absolutely love it!

And of course let me add my own resources that work for me: You Are What You Eat. This book is changing my life!

I couldn’t resist adding these pictures! Super cute but super sweet!

Losing my addiction to sugar one day,

Ms. Karen Minor

One thought on ““Fashion is the Healthiest Motivation for Losing Weight”

  1. Thanks for sharing these facts with us. I didn’t know most of this and now that I know I will be slowly putting down sugar. I have all ready started reading labels, that’s a start. Keep the blogs coming you are helping a lot of people. Love you, Mommy

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