All About Mommy

Always Fabulous!

Today I dedicate this post to my Mommy! Yes I still call her Mommy! I am who I am because of who she is.  She is such a free spirit, always evolving into something more beautiful than before.

I am proud of her in so many ways! She is writing a book about her life and what a life she has had but the awesome thing about her, is that through it all she continued to trust God and taught me to do the same. I think the biggest mistakes some parents make is hiding the truth from their children, kids find out anyways! My mom was the opposite, if she wanted to cry she would, if she was angry we knew it but in those moments she would always turn to God. We would join hands and pray and believe God and He would show up EVERY TIME!

She is the reason I know God, the reason I know to trust Him in every storm, the reason I am who I am. She allowed me to grow freely in who I am.

I love writing and sharing my life mainly because she taught me that! She writes poetry and is always asked to do speaking engagements! And funny because so many people look at her one-sided but I have had the pleasures of seeing every side of her! And I know that God gave her to me!

She writes me love notes and the funny thing is, I would always write her little notes as a child. And in her book she is including a lot of things me and my siblings have written to her.

Just last week, I found this picture she gave me. It’s now hanging in my room!

Love Note from Mommy

If you don’t have anything to give people, give them your words and your love, those are the things that last in life!

Love you Mommy,

Ms. Karen Minor-2nd Born

7 thoughts on “All About Mommy

  1. aw, this was such a sweet and touching post. your mom is the best and very inspirational – I also admire her – she is an amazing mother. BTW, I will be buying her book and I will so be in line for her to autograph my book and I will also be in line for when they turn the book into a movie!!!

  2. AWWWWWWWW so sweet, I know Aunt Sandra is crying her eyes out reading this and praying the Spirit LOL!!!!! She is a great person, I love her dearly and it was a pleasure spending my mother’s day with her yesterday. Leida I will be in line with you and also watching the reality show as well. LOL!!!!

  3. Everything you said is OH, SO TRUE about my precious friend of FIFTY (50) years. I hope I get a chance to put something in her new book, maybe in the dedication section. She is a WONDERFUL person, so precious, so pure and so POWERFUL. I love her humor and all she has to offer…She is a GREAT friend and she named you after me. Love, AK

  4. I am soooooo crying right now because it was none of me but all of GOD I didn’t do everything right all the time, but my heart was always turning to GOD for his help. My children has always been my rock, we’ve been though a lot but GOD gave us his GRACE TO MAKE IT THROUGH EVERY STORM. HE GAVE ME THE GRACE TO BE A MOTHER AND HE GAVE MY CHILDREN THE GRACE TO HAVE A MOTHER LIKE ME. LOL Thanks Karen for sharing a little of our life and for the best mothers day ever, all my children really blessed me. Hugs and Kisses I love you all FOREVER! Mommy

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