Words, Art, Life

This has been a busy week for me. I have been taking on a lot more projects than I probably should! From make-up jobs, to weddings, to styling gigs aaaaaaaaaaand designing skateboards. But you know what…doing what you love in life takes sacrifice and time.

I read this quote in Entrepreneurial magazine: “If you didn’t know how old you are, how old do you think you would be?” “I feel like I ‘m still in my 20’s, although I’m obviously not. I still enjoy life enormously. I throw myself into it as much as I did when I was in my 20’s.”

I love this quote because when you hit your 30’s you start to think a little differently or even in your 40’s or 50’s, you sometimes believe that if you havent done it already, it’s to late. I believe it’s never to late to start again and again. I don’t ever want to be in the deferred dreams category with the “should have, could have, didn’t.”

I look at my life and to others it seems like I am doing too much, trying to much but in reality, I have never been one-sided. There are lots of levels of who I am and for me I am never happy living on one side and being in a box. I will always experiment and try my hand at whatever my heart pleases. A sower plants many seeds and guess what he never know which one is going to grow up first, but the point is, he plants many! He never plants just one!

So anyways……..as always I challenge you to remember your own hearts desires and go for it! You are the only obstacle holding you back!

Note quite finished….its a process!

 Words, Art and Life,


2 thoughts on “Words, Art, Life

  1. What a wonderful blog once again I enjoyed reading it. Keep God first and you will soar!! Keep up the good work my love. Love, Mommy

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