Fabulous Fitness Friday: Fruit Craze Tango

Fabulous Fitness Fridays has been resurrected! I have still been on this healthy living kick! I would say I have shedded a few pounds and my clothes fit a little looser than before!

And since summer began, I have been induldging in all different kinds of fruit and recipes! I have added persimmons and red bananas to my fruit basket! The cool thing about the red bananas is that the taste is completely different than yellow ones, it has a rasberry banana flavor! Yummy!

As for my favorite summer recipes. I will share my #1 favorite! I have made this serveral times so far this summer! It is sooooooooo yummy! You can find the recipe here.

Wish I had some now to dip into as I write!

Since I am on this fruit craze kick! Don’t forget about the Tangerine Tango Swap tomorrow! Tickets are still available, details are here, here and here.

You can actually burn calories while swapping/shopping! It’s easy just think about it!

Well loves…see you tomorrow at Dewdrop’s Tangerine Tango Swap!

Ms. Karen Minor

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