Print Remix…Make it Work!

As you can see I am still on my mixing prints kick! I actually have a hard time styling my hair in the heat and often pin it up in a printed scarf and instead of trying to match my outfit to the scarf I just remix it all together and “make it work”.

We all should try to mix it up a bit, keep it funky! Fashion should be fun and not so restricted and please not so much all the same! Don’t get caught up on the latest trends and copy everything you see. Mix it up a bit! Add some flavor to your every day looks!

And if you have a hard time trying it out, then mix stripes in different shades or use black and white as a base and mix in other fun colors with it!

Or you can take a look into Solange’s wardrobe and take a few pointers from her.

 I love Solonge in Glamour France July 2012! The mixed prints is yall!

Solange - Glamour France

Glamour France July 2012

Solange for Glamour France July 2012

Who does the remix the best in your eyes? Is this a look for you?

Oh and the blog is still under construction, so you might see a few more changes this week!

The remix queen,

Ms. Karen Minor

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