Sometimes…You Need a Break…Read on…

Sometimes I just have to take a break from work and share a few things with yall! Yall need to follow me on Twitter for my random updates about the randomness that goes through my head…anyways…moving along!

Did yall hear about Target teaming up with Neiman Marcus to bring 24 CDFA Designers! I almost passed out when I saw that Diane Von Furstenburg was on the list of designers! Yes! December 1, I will be camping outside of Target! Who is coming with me?

Then I came across these Christian Louboutin ‘Cinderella’ Shoes. I love the butterfly embellishment! yall! I need these, although I do have them already in imaginary world!

I am having some serious boob issues in the dress I have on today (tomorrow’s post) and as I was adjusting my girls, my coworker walks in the bathroom. And you know me I live by honesty of the mouth–I said sorry “Boob issues today” and we started talking about all the issues we both have with our boobs. She then mentioned a cartoon she reads called Busty Girl Comics.

I actually have this problem…

Into the fold.

And this one too…

No lie.


A Bit “Snug” - by Angela Dunn<br /><br />
Along with being fairly busty I’m also just below average height… In order for me to find things that fit my bust most shirts/jackets assume I’m taller, to match the bust size, and when I do then the arms are much longer than they should be… But the waist and hip size ends up feeling pretty good, too, so I can’t argue with that!<br /><br />
Well hello there, Busy Girl Comic readers! I’m so happy to be a guest artist for this week! Because these comics are just so great, and I feel honored to be included with it.<br /><br />
I like to draw all kinds of things. Lately it’s plant ladies and a pink guy with pointy ears, but I can’t show their stories, yet! So you’ll have to make do with the silly things I reblog and the occasional drawing (which I keep promising myself that I’ll do more of).<br /><br />
Nice to meet you!

Well let me get back to work. Maybe I will find some other randomness to share…via twitter @fabulousyourit.


Ms. Karen Minor

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