A Beautiful Dream

Red jacket-Rainbow $5, Skirt-The Limited (yrs ago), Shoes-Shoedazzle, Belt-Bought it from a friend

I had a dream last night, it was right before I woke up. I was embraced by a friend that had passed away a few months back. I had thought of her and shortly after that I was told that she passed. I will admit I was upset at the friend that got a chance to visit her in the hospital and never told me of her sickness. And when she passed my first thoughts were I will never get a chance to say good bye.

She was one of those people you loved talking to for hours at a time. She was so rich in history and personality that if you didn’t have the confidence to stand in her light, you would instantly feel inadequate, not because of her but because of your own insecurities. When I think of my childhood and even my early adult life I remember my random phone calls to her, asking her about the history of Black Americans in Maryland or talking to her about her new adventures in life.

So finding out that she passed hurt my heart because I couldn’t say good bye, I couldn’t tell her that the seeds she planted in my heart as a kid have  flourished in my garden called life.

Well last night I dreamed of her. She walked up to me, hair done up in some twists, beautiful golden skin and she embraced me. She said nothing, just  hugged me long and strong. And that was my good bye in a beautiful dream!

Man, God knows our hearts desires and just like that He fulfills them.


Ms. Karen Minor

7 thoughts on “A Beautiful Dream

  1. God will always answer our prayers even those that we don’t speak he knows our hearts. This was a beautiful read, God is sooooo good to us!!!

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