Cycles of Nothingness

Thrifted Dress, Shoes: Shoe Dazzle, Clutch & Belt: Rainbow

1. Have you ever been in a whirlwind of so many thoughts that your constantly stuck in random streams of thoughts that never become actions?

2. Are you  on PAUSE with no cruise control?  Are you constantly creating to do list that never get done? And sorting through the list becomes overwhelming so you opt out of responsibility and do nothing but bask in cycles of nothingness!

3. Are you moving at a fast pace but you aint going nowhere?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then your on the cycle of nothingness! You want a different life but you block yourself in every direction with excuses, mainly “I don’t have time”.

Take a journey with me this month and learn how to break the cycle of nothingness and make an investment in yourself!

Let’s start with this simple steps towards a new journey of Self Investment:

1. Write out 3 ways that you can invest in yourself, nothing materialistic, but an inward investment. Something that will move you from where you previously are to half way to where you want to be.  This could be taking a 1 day class in an area of interest, buying a self-help book, anything that will push you to invest in yourself.

A. I begin with emailing a web designer, I have tried to develop my own website but I suck at it–duh! It’s not my expertise!

B. Registered for some Business classes online at Montgomery College, each class is $100.

C. I started planning my new website launch party for late October.

My BFF said she wanted to plant a garden this summer, it’s never to late to plant a seed in the ground, you just have to take a different approach at it. Taking different approaches is how you live your best life ever! And that’s my challenge, creating my best life ever by taking a different route! In my Tom Cruise voice “Who’s coming with me”.

So stop wasting money on material things and be creative in your approach to education and or change! Invest in yourself not your closet! Now let me clarify, I am not saying to not buy yourself something nice but sometimes we become materialistic and forget that you need to build a future!

Email me your plans! Lets do this together, it will be a great encouragement to me!

Always fabulous,

Ms. Karen Minor

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