Parallel Universe

Natural or with a curl?

We live in a parallel universe, where we are constantly in the present and wandering in the future. We should always push ourselves towards transformation, colliding the two, our present and the hopes of our future.

Often times we hate our 9am-5pm jobs because it’s not what we really want to do in life. It’s not our passion, it’s actually an energy zapper. It robs you but yet pays you off every 10 days! Well until your dreams can sustain your lifestyle you will continue to live in a parralle universe. Understand this and deal with it. While at the same time learning to transform your life!

Oprah said it best “The only real way to transformation,” she writes, “is through the mind.” Did you get that? Each step you take, each descision you make starts in your mind! Having a made up mind is the first step towards transformation. How will you transform?

Transform Yourself,

Ms. Karen Minor

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