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The other day I found myself in a conversation that I totally didn’t fit into. You know that awkward feeling, were you start to form a fake smile and an even faker laugh and you start to wonder, I hope they don’t notice! It’s like that childhood feeling all over again when you realize your just not as cool as you thought you were.

Even as adults we often times fall into the “not cool” category. Until you realize, like really who cares a flying fart about being cool or trying to make yourself fit into a conversation that you know nothing about.

There will always be categories of cool, geeks, dweebs, weirdos, losers, users, lovers, haters…which ever the category, it’s your choice, you choose for yourself.

For me I choose uncategorized. Because truth be told I have never been anything but that! So I am okay with not knowing that Honey is a type of liquor and I can care less if I am never invited to Happy Hours or if I missed out on the inside joke.

Photography courtesy of Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, published by powerHouse Books

Regardless “cool” is whatever you say it is so don’t be the one out of your teenage years trying to hold on to a dumb immature definition of cool! Get over it and uncategorized yourself and be open and free in it!

In style learn from the best, but over all have your own style, create your own identity in it, do it in an uncategorized fashion.

The photos in this post are from the book Advanced Style and were taken by Ari Seth Cohen. I purchased the book because I just love woman who are 100% free in style! Read more about here.

As Rose from Advanced Style says “If everyone is wearing it, then it’s not for me.”  These woman are well over their 70’s but yet they have their own ideas of what’s fashionable and they can care less about what anyone has to say! Categories is a meaningless word to them, as it is to me! How about you?

Signing off as,

The Uncategorized Ms. Karen Minor

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