Are you a BS’er?

Every woman has a little bit of Super Woman oozing out of them. Sometimes we handle everything with class and other times we are so busy we don’t have time to transform into our Super Woman suit!

We try to dodge as many balls as possible!

America’s Next Top Model

Jump over hurdles!

America’s Next Top Model

But yet nothing concrete is getting done and we are exhausted!


Trying to be everything to everybody gets tiring. And sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing this. You get so used to the constant hustle and bustle that it doesn’t even phase you, until you sit down and take an assessment of your life. And you realize a year has passed and your still walking around in circles.  And BUSY becomes the death of every good idea and every childhood dream. Because we are busy doing nothing, staring in the role of a lifetime– THE BS’er!

FashionBS Radio

Which role do you want to play in life?  Are you all about BSing this thing called life, and getting nothing done except building your social network or finding out about the latest and the greatest! Or are you ready to live the life with your alter ego.


Money chaser by day (day job) and dream chaser by night (what you really want to do with your life).

Building a dream sometimes means slowing down enough to get your thoughts, to-do list, and action items in place and executing them as if your life depends on it, well actually it does!


Karen Minor’s alter ego Ms. Karen Minor

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