Crazy about Magazines!

Magazines on top of magazines on top of magazines! I am a magazine junkie! Especially when the seasons are starting to change! I start collecting my favorites and the vision starts to form! Looking for a new look requires time and effort. Especially when you don’t want to copy a look directly from a magazine or a blog.

Nylon magazine is perfect for finding that perfect denim! Denim in every shade and any style possible!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I have looked all over for this magazine! CVS doesn’t have it in yet! I love me some Gwen Stephanie!

Gwen Stefani rocks Jil Sander for the Harper’s Bazaar US September issue

Now I purchased this because as I flipped through I saw Rachel Zoe…I mean who wouldn’t buy it off of that. Now granted I do like Victoria Beckham…not my favorite but I like her swag!

And that sums it up for me! I think I am good until October on magazines…oh yeah I gotta get the new Oprah Magazine! I just love the cover, Oprah with natural hair and the issue seems very interesting. Never mind all the negative remarks about her hair not being natural…who cares people it’s Oprah and you don’t even know her!

Now I just have to start making my Fall vision board. So much I want to do!

Love yall…for reals,

Ms. Karen Minor

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