It’s been toooo long!

I guess your all wondering about me, and my blog…well maybe some of you! Well I have been kind of figuring out the direction I want to go in. And the last couple of posts have come from the entirety of what’s going on in my head and my heart.

I have been interning with Dewdrop DC and it’s been a fun ride. I have been able to use my creativity, which is a great outlet for me! But since then my own blog has been lacking in character and direction. In my studying I have come to realize that I am ready to focus on one thing that I have always loved…making people beautiful again. Having fun with makeup! Doing more fashion shows, weddings, making people over, planning makeup parties. All of that!

And the cool part about narrowing down my creative thoughts, I am finally taking allllllllll of my content, all the women I made beautiful and putting them on my website. Yes yall! Ms. Karen Minor is finally going to be a website. Trust me, I am not a website builder and a blog is a blog not a website…lesson learned here! So I have a creative web designer in the works now, creating that perfect spot to showcase all of my work.

So over the next couple of months I want to share my progress. My official launch day is 1/3/13! I am looking forward to sharing my work with you again, and creating beautiful pictures. So I hope you continue this journey with me.

Stay tuned for all the cool changes that are coming to Ms. Karen Minor the blog and look out for the official launch party of my new website!


Ms. Karen Minor

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