Happy New Year…Happy Birthday to Me!

As you all know, my blogging become very scarce towards the end of last year. I was just tired of reporting the same thing, I mean I was growing and changing and really trying to figure things out. I had to take a step back and regroup my thoughts, my life, just everything. I wasn’t  satisfied anymore with just encouraging and sharing my hopes and dreams. I was constantly digging for a story to share or some new hot makeup item or trend. When you thrive off of real, you can’t but for so long keep at something that isn’t authentic anymore.

The biggest part about me and blogging is my passion for it, and once I lost that, then my words are fake and not from my heart! So I stopped and gave myself my moment to regroup, reflect, and work on me, so that I could represent Ms. Karen Minor, the way I wanted too! And yes stopping and starting again, means rebuilding all over again and you know what I am cool with that! So right now, this letter is to you, written truly from my heart! A lot of things have changed for me and I am looking forward to sharing it all with you! So welcome to 2013! My blog posts will be as they used to be Monday-Friday!

So Happy Birthday to me and a big welcome back to the now Ms. Karen Minor’s Beauty Bar!

Still Living the Fabulous Life,

Ms. Karen Minor

P.S. Monday will be my official full week back at it…hope you continue to check in with me this year. I have major things to share! And of course my upcoming website is still in the works…a lot of work is going into it! Can’t wait to share!

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