Put it in Rotation


If your a makeup junkie like me, or you buy makeup and then forget about it and never use it, I have an easy way to make use of your “goodie” bag items! You have to put it in rotation!

After starting my new gig last week, I found myself wearing the same makeup look all week! Which was a complete bummer! I mean I am working in the beauty industry, this is my thing…I can’t just be one sided! Even you, you might not have started a new job but I am sure you have makeup or just new looks that you want to try!

So this past weekend, I decided to create a little area on my vanity for my weekly makeup looks. I put together 3 looks to try this week, aside from my basic, red lips and nude eyes.

Make Up Looks1213

Making little changes to your life, always requires planning, so the best way to utilize all your makeup is to lay it out in advance.

If your challenge is finding new looks, make Pinterest your new bestfriend! You can create a “New Make-up Looks To Try Board”, print it out, hang it near your vanity and use it during your makeup rotation! I have a few boards that I use for inspiration on Pinterest, follow me there if you like.

The finish12
Oh and of course I added a new mascara and bronzer to my look!
This MAC mascara is AH-MAZING! It pumps my lashes beyond what any mascara has ever done before!

And my new Wet&Wild Fergie Bronzer was a gift from my homegirl! And it’s an automatic game changer (a little extreme but true).

And if your looking for more tips on upgrading your makeup bag, check out my post over at Dewdropdc.com, A Simple Upgrade!

Fabulously Yours,

Ms. Karen Minor

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