Into The Blue Photo Shoot

Hey! As you all know, I am building a new portfolio and a website! Here are a few pictures that will be up on the site!

BlueLipstick 4.jpg

This blue lipstick is the TRUTH! It’s just so beautiful.

I used Lime Crime’s Carousel Gloss.  Lime Crime glosses are heavy and have a lot of pigment, the colors have high-definition!


As for the eyes I used Kat Von D True Romance Palette, only the blue and silver shades.

This was by far the funniest shoot ever. Trying to figure out how to work my fireplace was hilarious. I thought the fire shoot was open but it wasn’t, my entire apartment was full of smoke! Luckily we opened the door and was able to get some air circulating! Too funny!

Blue in the White.jpg

Next week I will share a few other photo’s that are going up on my website, until then here is a bit of  encouragement to creating your GOLDEN 2013!

Gold glitter shoe2013

Building the life you want, takes time and effort! So whatever it is you want from this life, put the time into it and make it happen! Only thing stopping you, is YOU! And trust, in the beginning it isn’t always what you expect it to be, keeping pushing and believing in yourself

Fabulously Yours,

Ms. Karen Minor

6 thoughts on “Into The Blue Photo Shoot

  1. Wow what a beautiful shoot, Jalisa is soooooooo beautiful, shes a great model. I love the pictures, very well done.

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