Fabulous Fitness Friday: I am ENGAGED!


Yes! It’s true..I am getting married this September! And with that, you know Fabulous Fitness Fridays is totally about to be AMPED up! I have fat arms and a fat belly (no baby inside) and that has to shrink before my big day. I am realistic so of course I am not expecting a miracle but I need something close to it!

Now before the holidays, I could see a difference in my body but now I just feel like I undid all my hard work by eating numerous slices of sweet potato pie…it was good but totally not worth it!

I haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks but I have been working out at home. I clipped a few magazine routines and have been doing those.  I generally do a 20 minute walk to the park and ride every morning so that is a great cardio. I mean there is no excuse to not doing something.

At least start with the end in mind, whichever that might be!


I believe in keeping things simple and basic in the beginning and once you master that move on to a more complex workout.  Start at the 30 minute mark and increase 10-15 minutes after 1-2 weeks. This concept is working for me, it just makes more sense instead of trying to jump out there all hard-core with a 1 hour workout!

Like I said Simplicity is key to Fabulous Fitness Fridays! Walking for 20 minutes in the morning and my Real Simple Triceps routine, is simple enough for me. I am working out and losing weight at my own pace and as long as I am consistent I will see the results I want.

Triceps Workout Routine2013

What are you doing to stay Fabulous and Fit for a lifetime?

Next week let’s talk about healthy snacks!

Fabulously Engaged,

Ms. Karen Minor

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