Tackle the Darkness: Under Eye Circles

MKM- No Makeup- Dark Circles

Who hates that under eye shadow that makes you look sleepy even if you had 8 hours of sleep the night before? I DO, let me raise my hand up high and give a bit of a wave! As of lately I have been hating my dark circles under my eyes.

And I wake up this morning and I see bags and the dark circles…annoying. Is this the sign of ageing, tiredness, stress, what the heck!

Well since I don’t have access to whatever celebrities do to rid dark circles permately, I am going to battle it with eye cream and concealer!

First up, I need an eye cream, that wont break the budget but will get the job done! So since this problem is a work in progress, when I find the product that works for me, I will share it with you. Until then here is my solution to masking my problem!



It’s simple, you need a good concealer, mascara and you MUST have your eyebrows in good shape, because the brows frame the face. Concealer is a temporary fixer for dark circles and it’s a simple remedy.

MKM Concealed and Delivered2

I of course  always wear bronzer and I added some purple shadow to my lower lash line as eyeliner. This brightens the eye area a little bit more.

MKM Added Details Bronzer and Eyeliner

Conceal Conceal

My favorite concealer to date is MAC’s Studio Finish SPF 35 in NW40! It’s a miracle worker!


Ms. Karen Minor

2 thoughts on “Tackle the Darkness: Under Eye Circles

  1. I need some help in this department, I never can do it right. I need to give me a class on how to apply it to my eyes. Great job!!!!!

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