I’m baaaaaaack….I got married!

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Hey my loves! I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And as you can see I am a Mrs. I tied the knot, one month ago today, September 14, 2014. I am officially Mrs. Karen Nolen! I know I stepped off the scene for a bunch of months because of planning my wedding and putting all my attention on the biggest transition of my life, MARRIAGE!

After our 1st premarital counseling session things got very real for me! I realized that I was going into a totally different territory. I mean  yeah I have been to marriage conferences at church and listened to married couples talk about marriage but when your sitting in the hot seat and it’s your turn; that’s when you realize your life is totally not going to be your own anymore, you have to share it more intimately with another person. I wasn’t scared, I just think I became more aware of the marriage covenant with God.

So of course since my life has changed in a major way, and I totally believe in living from the inside out, my blog had to change right along with it!

So here you have it!

Mrs. Karen Nolen – The Good & Plenty on Life, Love, Beauty & Fashion

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All done! Whew…that was a lot! Well tune in tomorrow and the next day and the next day!

Please send me a little message and let me know your down with me!

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12 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaack….I got married!

  1. Hey Karen! Congratulations girl! Very sorry I wasn’t able to share in your special day. I’m very happy for you. I wish you many years of happiness together. Glad to see you stil pursuing your dreams and leaving your indelible mark on this world. Miss you and the fam.
    Love you much,

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