Goodbye my Love!

Good bye my love2013
Today is the official day that I say goodbye to Ruby Woo! We have shared so many memories. But in my quest to evolve (It’s time to Change) beyond my current position, I am giving her up! Not just her but reds all together. It’s time to explore some new horizons in the world of lipsticks! But before I do, I must pay my respect to red lips!
Red Lips Final 2013
Red lipstick gives you a boost of confidence like no other color! But if I am giving up Ruby Woo, I must surround myself with things to remind me of her. How about this red lipstick bag from Amazon! Too cute and it’s only $13 bucks…double whaaaa whaaaa!
red lipstick purse
How about I cuddle up with a red lipstick pillow and these cute red lipstick PJ’s! I need something to hold while I cry myself to sleep tonight (No Ruby Woo).

Aaaaand being that I will no longer have Ruby Woo in my makeup bag, I can wear it on my chest instead!

Pucker Up

$22.80 Forever 21                Pucker Up

Oh and since I am in morning, maybe my husband will wear this for me.

Do you think he will?

Well I think I have found enough things to remind myself of Ruby Woo. And I am not sure if you’re stuck on the same shade of lipstick. But if you are, join me on this quest to do away with the old and bring in something new! Now if you’re a lip gloss/chapstick everyday girl, you def. need to join me! I am just saying! LOL

Who is coming with me???

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