The Closet Autobiography Pt. 1

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The Closet Autobiography Pt. 1: “THE PURGE”

The closet autobiography is designed to help you create a functional closet space that completely represents your personal style and design!

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THE PURGE: Quality & Fit vs. Quantity

The fear of purging! We are fearful because let’s face it, we love having a whole lot of stuff in our closets! We enjoy opening our closet and seeing it full to capacity. An empty closet means there is nothing to wear. Come on now, we are old enough to know better! Our closets are full of a bunch of NOTHINGS and SOMETHINGS! Quantity can still mean there is nothing to wear because it’s full of things that are ill fitting, stained, too small, too big, and the list can go on. If you don’t know what’s in there how can you utilize the best of what you have. Get rid of the distractions, I know it’s hard but it has to be done!

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Define your personal style

Before you purge your closet, you should define your style. What type of clothes make you feel the most you? Understanding your personal style will help you determine what you should keep and what you should purge.

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Pull out 10 of your favorite items, lay them out in front of you. Think about how those items make you feel and look. Is it the fit of the pants, is it the length of the skirt, is it the cut of the blouse. Doing this will help you better understand your style and the clothes you should keep vs. purge.

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As for me, I love pencil skirts that hit either right above my knee or just below it. I can’t wear long skirts that bellow out. So therefore I have a few that I need to toss out. Regardless of how much I love the pattern of the skirt, if the style and shape don’t work on my body type it must go! I also love dresses that fit and have some shape to them that aren’t too tight. Anything that doesn’t fit this category has to go. Otherwise it sits and will never be worn. For instance I do not wear maxi dresses, as much as I love the way they look on other people, they don’t work for me. I bought one and it has been sitting FOREVER…sorry Ms. Maxi it’s time to go!


Do you get where I am going with this? Knowing what you feel best in is the best way to understand what items you need in your closet and which ones you need to purge. But understand this, just because you feel great in sweats doesn’t mean your entire closet should be full of sweat pants! If you wear sweats and leggings all the time, it’s time to workout and join me on Fabulous Fitness Friday!

The Devil Wears Prada Quote

Departing from quantity can be hard but it is very necessary in order to build the type of wardrobe that is functionally you! Trust me, we all want to look our best when we walk out the house…stop fooling yourself!

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When purging keep in mind all the essential things that is needed in a wardrobe. Everyone has a different opinion of what’s essential because it all depends on your lifestyle. As you purge write down some key pieces that are missing from your wardrobe, that way when you go shopping you know exactly what you need!

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Let the purging begin!

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