The Closet Autobiography: The Embrace

Closet pic 2013333

Hey loves!! Here I am back at it again with my Closet Autobiography Series. My closet is still a work in progress but I am making major leaps! After the PURGE I put all my favorite go to items in the front of my closet on one side. Until I ran out of space. I have to switch sides with my  husband, whom has less clothes than me.

Let me just say purging my closet wasn’t that hard to do, it just took a lot of time. I literally had one rule: If I hadn’t worn it in years, I tossed it. Very simple, right? Since running out of space I have to figure out a creative way to add everything back into my closet. And now that the Purge is complete, I am ready to move on to the next step.

The Main Embrace2013

By now you should know what you have in your closet, embrace everything. Organize everything into categories. Pants and Jeans together, blouses together, dresses with dresses, jackets with suit jackets and sweaters with sweaters (the list goes on). Put everything in it’s category. Don’t worry about trying to color coordinate everything right now, do that later on. If you want matching hangers then switch them out later but for now  use what you have to get the job done. 

Closet Categories201333

I personally find it easier to get dressed in the morning because I can see everything. And I don’t have a pile of clothes on my closet floor. Before I was stuck wearing the same outfits because I honestly hated going into my closet. Now the possibilities are endless.

Flashing lights201333

As I mentioned before my closet is a work in progress. Here are a few pictures of what I have going on!

Almost Clean2013 Closet Mess2013 Pants top shelf Shelf Mess2013

My Closet Autobiography is almost finished. I am just glad that I finally did what was necessary, a purge and an embrace. I know exactly what I have without question. And now that I am almost to the end, I can start thinking about the next step, The Atmosphere!

Until next week, get busy, stay busy on creating your own Closet Autobiography!

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