Fabulous Fitness Friday- Let’s Get Physical


OMG…this week I missed the mark! I totally ate 2 mini cupcakes at an event last night. I am so ashamed…hmmm…am I…NOPE! Aint that just wrong but it’s the truth! I totally didnt deserve to eat that cupcake but I did. I need to bring my mind all the way back in!

I am Ready2013

I am back at it with MyFitness Pal!

Here is the run down of my goals:

Nutriitional Goals Target
Net Calories Consumed* / Day 1,210 Calories / Day
Carbs / Day 166 g
Fat / Day 40 g
Protein / Day 45 g

*Net calories consumed = total calories consumed – exercise calories burned. So the more you exercise, the more you can eat!

Fitness Goals Target
Calories Burned / Week 1,400 Calories / Week
Workouts / Weekends 3 workouts
Minutes / Workout 60 minutes

If you follow this plan…

Your projected weight loss is: 1.5 lbs/week

You should lose 7.5 lbs by December 13

Lets get physical

If your interested sign up with MyFitness Pal, find me KMarie2011 and join my team. I also created a Fabulous Fitness Friday Group on there as well.

So this week I didn’t do as well as I should have, whatever those days are behind me. Time to carry on!

eartha-kitt-1960-2013- you can do it

Let’s  inspire each other to keep going!


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