What Do You Want to Be?

Noni Gasa 3

Photographer JP Hanekom- Model: Noni Gasa

Every so often I have to stop and recuperate! And bring my mind back in! I have to remember who I am and what I want to accomplish in life aside from being a wife, friend, sister and whatever title I hold. I can’t map out my entire life span in one sitting but I can do set yearly, monthly and daily goals that will give me the life I want. But if I sit and do nothing then I get nothing.

As of lately I have been into setting new goals, writing stuff down and purposefully centering myself in the present. As the seasons are changing, I happen to believe that it has some type of effect on us. Having less sun in the evenings, the trees slowly losing it’s leaves, the cold air keeping us indoors. We can easily start to hibernate and sleep our way through the next couple of months, hindering our goals and zapping our ambition. This may seem a little extreme but trust me, it happens. We catch the “bear” syndrome and it’s a wrap! And November and December becomes the easiest time to store up on fat just like the bears do before the big hibernation!


DON’T GET CAUGHT UP! Stay focused on your 2013 goals, we have less than 2 months left. Do you even remember January and the goals you set for yourself? Did you even accomplish some of them? I honestly don’t even remember what my goals were for this year. All I remember is “wedding”. That was it, I was only focused on that and health and fitness. Everything else took a back burner, even blogging. I did get married and had the wedding I wanted and I did lose some weight and maintained my exercise and healthy eating habits. The wedding is over and as I am still into health and fitness I need to find other areas that need growth!

But as I sit here, I am literally drinking tea and thinking presently in this moment and I am asking myself this question: What do I want to be when I grow up? Seriously Karen, that’s the question you have for yourself. The truth of the matter is, we should always think like this because everyday we should be looking for more ways to GROW UP!


Our goals and ambitions when we follow them and accomplish them means we are GROWING UP! We are doing the things we set out to do. I can’t imagine not having a notebook, or sticky notes, new ideas written down on paper or recipes or events I want to attend or anything like that–those things are a part of the vision I have for my life. And when you set realistic goals and accomplish them it just feels darn good!

My niece already says to me ” I am going to do that when I grow up” yes she is referring to makeup but it’s just the fact that at 3 years old, she is already seeing how she wants to be when she grows up! I just love that about her.

Noni Gasa 5

As this post is coming to an end, I want to ask you that simple questions: What do you want to be when you grow up? If you have no idea, empty yourself out! You may be full of someone else’s wants, desires and dreams. This can happen you know! Fill yourself up again, remind yourself of the things you have always wanted. Set some new goals and raise your standard!  

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