The Autobiography Recap

Still Making it My Own2013

So as you know I have been on this road to cleaning out my closet. It has been a challenge and a very long process. I am half way through it and as I have much more to add to my closet, I am currently out of space on my side so I have to switch sides with my husband. Which annoyed me to no end when I realized that!

I have one bag of clothes to donate and I think I need to go back through and donate a few more things. Currently I have a hamper full of clothes that need hangers and not to mention the clothes in the dirty hamper that need washing and folding. Oh the process! As much as I hate doing this, I know it needs to be done. And I almost had a temper tantrum the other day because I was so OVER IT!  I was so annoyed with folding and hanging up clothes. The crazy thing is I have no idea how I got to this place of overload.


Well of course I am still on the PURGE, and THE EMBRACE. But I have progressed a lot in terms of my closet being organized. It is very organized and everything is in it’s proper place. I did look under my bed and was outraged at how many pairs of shoes I have slid under there, what is really going on!?!

Overall if you haven’t began this process, you really should jump to it. Being organized really does make it easier to figure out what to wear, what to purchase and it gives you peace of mind. For me I wasn’t able to do it overnight, or over a weekend. I just don’t have that kind of time. So I broke my time up, I did a little during the week and on the weekends. It’s been almost a month and I am still working on it. So time can no longer be an excuse, if it needs to be done–JUST DO IT consistently.


Here’s a few pictures of what my closet is looking like up to date. I still have a bunch more organizing and rearranging to do.

Closet pics2013

As you can see from my pictures, Kimora’s  is my closet inspiration. I remember when I first saw her closet, I was in love! I have always wanted a closet like hers.



At this point I am not able to have a replica of her fabulousness, however I can create something similar in my own way!

Stay tuned!

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