Dream Fearless with Faith

Allow me to reintroduce myself…

I AM A DREAMER, BELIEVER, ACHIEVER! What are you or what do you aspire to be? This year I want to create a Tuesdays For Thoughts Series under my Life Lessons category. Because just as much as I am into fashion and beauty I am about this LIFE! So here we go!

Dreams are meant to be lived not forgotten! Remember a journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. If you do nothing you get nothing! Point blank period!

Every year we feel like we are given a clean slate, a brand new perspective. Fire works all over the place but what happens when the fire fizzles out and the flame isn’t blazing as bright as it was? What do we do then?


While most of us fade out into the shadows and say “Oh well it is what it is” and never give thought to why we faded out to begin with it. It’s simple…you DIDN’T HAVE A PLAN!

You had a DREAM or VISION or RESOLUTIONS or GOALS without writing it out and keeping it in plain sight. And putting some ACTION to your plan!

So while the fire of the new year is blazing, take a moment and write down everything you want out of 2014. Make sure your well rounded in what you want out of this year. Don’t just focus on one thing, try focusing on the core of who you are. And from there write one simple line of action that will push you to accomplish it.

Art in KMinor2014

Whatever you decide make sure to create something that doesn’t just look good on paper but is actually functionally realistic. Having dreams for 2014 is a great thing but if it remains only a thought it will spark and fade out in the river of Dead New Years Resolutions..yes there is a such place if only in my head!

Today I leave you with a simple task of writing your 2014 down on paper. And if your married, ask your husband what he wants out of 2014 and if there are kids, ask them the same question!

BIG THANGS POPPIN…so get to it!

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