Are you on the move?

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Are you on fire right now? The new year is looking good! It’s so promising! You are on the move! Does that sound about right? Well guess what? 95% of people that set goals in the New Year never FOLLOW THROUGH! MOST of the time, something happens in the atmosphere around us and the rocket we launch comes crashing down full speed!

In order to bring to fruition your goals and dreams, you have to create a strategy to FULFILLING them that stretches beyond 2014. I know it seems overwhelming but we have over 300 days in a year so we have plenty of time. There is no rush! Take your time and figure it out!

For starters, create a vision board or an inspirational board. It can be all about you and what you want.

  • Turn Your Vision Board Into an Action Board–  I agree 100% with this. Most of the time, we write a list of goals or create a bucket list but never put any faith or action behind it. This article is a great start to putting together a REAL action plan! After you create it, you have to post it, so you can see it alllllllllllllll the time!

Take a class2014

  • Take an online class for free at Coursera: I am enrolled in Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship, a 6 week program. It has been very helpful so far.

    wealthy women rocker2014

  • Wealthy Women Rock– We all set financial goals,so if you want to attend a conference all about it, check LaShawne Holland out!

small biz2014


  • How to Make 2014 The Best Year of your Life– Great article with practical information that will give you a major boost!
  • Shaun King with 100 Life Goals University gives some great insight on building goals over here. I am one of his LGU students, my life has been changed already since becoming apart of LGU!

Challenge yourself, every month to do something to enrich your life. What do you have on your agenda?

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