Grow Up & KRUSH Debt


There comes a time in everyone’s adult life when you really have to take a look at your finances and really just GROW UP! Time out for overspending! You have to grow up and take responsibility for the debt in your life, the mismanagement of your money. Become a better steward over what God has given you.

Eliminate the excuses and just GTHU (Grow the heck up)!


I am in a new phase in my life and with that comes REORGANIZING EVERYTHING! This new series is called “Tuesday’s To Do’s!” By the end of the April I want to have a clear budget for the year, a clear plan on tackling me and my husbands debt, a few finance classes (free and 1 paid for) lined up, and a bigger vision for 7 major areas in my life.

Here are a few tools that will assist you and me in getting thangs’ in order!

The Ultimate Budget Binder printable template shared by Mique from Thirty Handmade Days.

And if you want a Family Binder she has an awesome one here.

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning I am sure you remember this budget template from Budgets Are Sexy which is one of my favorite financial bloggers.

Also, I read this article “God will take care of me” on Budgets Are Sexy by Jon & Kris from about how they live off of $44,000. Awesome, awesome, awesome sauce! If you don’t do anything else read this article. And def. read this as well Want to be Wealthy, it’s all about changing the game of your money!

stop eating out1

Our ultimate goal in getting our finances in order is to have financial freedom and to purchase our first home! Yes yall our first home! Which we plan to do May 2015! 

So in order to get my mind right in this here process, I am going  on a spending fast in April. I just want to renew my mind and cleanse myself of old habits of overspending, eating out and shopping. And during my time of fasting I will allow God to show me what it truly means to be a good steward over my finances.

glam 2223

I know I always say this but making little steps always equal a greater change in the end.

I hope after reading this you too will make some needed financial changes and jump start your life into being more financially organized!

So every Thursday tune into “Thursday’s To Do’s!”, where I share my big budget/financial life goals and changes.

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