The Love Hate Relationship of Natural Hair

Natural Hairs Love and Hate

Don’t you love when someone with so much excitement comes to you and says ” I am going natural”. They are so innocent and so naive. They totally think it’s the best thing ever and that it will be such an easier task than that creamy crack!

Um DAUGHTER don’t be fooled! Natural hair takes effort beyond the efforts of your past hair relationship! After you get passed that cute little baby fro and the many nights of twist outs…trust me you will be annoyed and almost over it! And then all the remedies and hair tutorials and products that your favorite natural bloggers tell you to use only to find out that it doesn’t work on your hair! Chile please! Natural hair is work unless you are like one of my girlfriends that refuses to do her own hair and gets it done on a regular. I am so headed in that direction.

I have been doing this natural thang for over 10  years now, I am sure it’s been longer than that! And I have settled on using one main line of products, Shea Moisture. My hair responds well to these products, they work best for me.

Sometimes I wash it and leave the deep conditioning mask in my hair and I get these results! Simple and easy!


And trust I have tried a bunch of different products and spent a bunch of money but Shea Moisture and raw Shea Butter love me! They never fail!

Shea Moisture2014

Now, I tried Miss Jessie’s products but my hair soaked that stuff up so quick! I had to use to much product and for the hefty cost of $50…GUESS WHAT…..(I am cracking up at this picture)HATED IT 1

I do find it useful to try homemade products every once in a while, especially a deep conditioning treatment or a hair spritzer. I of course am not one to search the internet for every body and they mama’s hair recipes. I found one YouTube channel that I find very helpful and I am sticking with it, Naptural85! I use two of her DIY recipes and guess what I love em!

The aloe vera and water daily hair moisturizer. Maaaaaaaaaan this stuff will keep your hair lively all week long!


And this deep conditioning mask, may seem like a bit much but my hair always feels amazing afterwards. I do this every other week. The recipe consists of eggs, mayo, honey and olive oil. Trust me you will love it! Click here for the video tutorial.

I know it’s frustrating trying to figure out what to put in your natural hair, what to do to it, how to style it but the bottom line is—-YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO TRY TO SOME PRODUCTS OUT. And when you find something that works stick to it! As your hair changes in length you will more than likely need something new. And trust as the seasons change your products will have to change with it!

As I mentioned before Naptural85 is my go to on natural hair, she has a video of her favorite products here, where she goes into details about how to care for your hair. THE BEST EVER! So check her out…get lost for a couple of hours watching her videos.

I had to post this picture, I feel like this after wearing my hair out for 5 days. After twisting it every night  by the 4th night I am over twisting so I just go to bed. And then when I wake up I look like Samual L. Jackson!


What are some of the things you use on your hair? Do you love and hate your natural hair?

Next week I will be rocking a new hair color and fresh new hair do! I promise to share!

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Unapologetically You

You are the Beholder

                                           MUA: Karen Nolen, MODEL: Jalisa                                                                   MAKEUP: Lipgloss:Lime Crime & Eyeshadow: Kat Von Dee                    PHOTOGRAPHER: Amen with His Lyric, Her Heart Photography


Blue in the White.jpg

Blue Lipstick1.jpg

BlueLipstick 5.1.jpg


Blue Lipstick 3.jpg

BLuePearls 6.1.jpg


Blue LipstickDSC_0125


There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself, comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty. – Steve Maraboli

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Revlon by Marchesa Nail Couture

Revlon by Marchesa Post

Leaping lizards! OMG! Have you seen the Revlon by Marchesa nail designs! Just absolutely beautiful! This is the best nail collaboration that has ever existed! Sounds far-fetched but think about it…there was no excitement when the Kardashian nail collection came out or the…wait a minute, I was excited about the OPI Muppet Collection, that Miss Piggy glitter was the truth. But this nail couture collection is in a class of its own.


The designs are whimsical and just staring at them should make you feel like your front row at your favorite designer fashion show. I mean I am imagining it right now, the flashing lights hitting my nails in all the right places!

elle-revlon-by-marchesa-crown-jewels-dress-nails-xln elle-revlon-by-marchesa-silk-rosette-dress-nails-mdn

I have been on a quest to find these suckers! Two CVS stores and still nothing! But since I am super duper pressed I asked my Dad to check the CVS near his house in Baltimore, he was like, “so you want me to look for nail stuff”, hahaaahha but of course! I sent my sister a text message asking her to check Leesburg. SIDEBAR: My sister never paints her nails or anything but this past weekend, she showed up at my house with her nails painted, two different colors, such a proud moment for me. OMG, best sidebar convo ever!  Back to business, so now I am asking you, check your local CVS stores and if you pick yourself up one, get me one too! It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Man, oh man! I certainly just rambled without even giving you a few facts about this magnificent-ness (this makes it more magnificent than usual)!

Revlon ALL DESIGNS2013

$9.99 for limited edition nail couture inspired by Marchesa’s signature designs.                  8 different designs to choose from.
The collaboration includes nail polish, lip, eye and beauty tools                                       (Either later this year or early 2014)

I mean really, are you as excited as I am. I mean if I could just get my hands on these thangs! Ebay is selling them for double the price, Amazon hasn’t gotten any in stock  yet, so your best bet is either searching every CVS you are aware of or Ebay! Now that my genius is working $20 is the price for a manicure which means Ebay isn’t such a bad idea!

Happy hunting, let me know what you find! The moment I get mine, I will be posting on Instagram! Oh the endless possibilities of these beauties!

 I can see it now, my nails in flashing lights!

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