Make-Up’s a Dream…

As I mentioned before, I am compiling all of my work into one website, writing a bio, creating a list of services all in the name of chasing my dream! This blog has broken a wall down in my life, it has helped me to realize the very thing in my life that can’t be silenced, my dream.

Being a makeup artist has always been a major part of my life, teaching others to pull their beauty from the inside out through my words and through showing them how to enhance their beauty through make-up. I will say along my journey I have busied myself in areas, I had no business in, I know that I am that person that can pour my creativity into a lot of areas and make it GREAT! I know this about myself. But in that you find yourself becoming an explorer of many things and you begin to silence your own dream.

Never silence what’s in your heart to do, don’t choose another’s path and try to make it your own. Listen to your own heart and follow after your own dream.

“People are capable at anytime in their lives to do what they dream of” – Paolo Coelho