Fabulous Fitness Friday: BOXING

FF Friday Cover2013Yo! It’s Friday! Last week I kicked off Fabulous Fitness Friday with a bit of encouragement to get you going with health and fitness.

This week I tried something new, I took a shot at boxing! Best decision ever! It’s something I will incorporate into my workout sessions on a regular basis. It’s empowering and rejuvenating! Since I am not familiar with boxing, I focused on what I did know…punching! I started with hooks (“side” punches), jabs (straight forward punches) and up-cuts (punches going upwards). I didn’t do to much because I didn’t want to hurt myself so I gave it all I had for 10 minutes and then I switched to 8 lb weights. I did this 3 times this week. In just 10 minutes I felt a difference.

It’s a great workout to try and if you like it sign up for some classes. I am looking into it for sure! I just want a one on one session, so I can learn a few techniques.

Boxing Benefits 201333

I hope you got a work out in this week and if you didn’t there is always right now, later today or tomorrow, just choose a day and get it poppin!


Enjoy your weekend!

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