The Words of Many

Dreams vs. Fear

Le’ts Graph- Life in graphs and charts

Someone stopped me in my tracks the other day. A comment that was made, moved me to think far beyond the moment those words pierced my heart. I generally am not bothered by the words of many but when I am walking along my path in the exact direction I want to go in and someone glares their eye of disapproval it startles me. Has this ever happened to you?

In Your Dreams

Let’s Graph- Life in graphs and charts

I have been on both sides of this story. I have been the one walking down a path all smiles, happy content and then boom, someone drops something in my path to piss me off or discourage me. And then I have been that person to rain on someone else parade. I was the one that took someones happiness and crumbled it to pieces right in their face. I guess their is no safe way to walk the paths we desire without someone unknowingly spreading the stinkiest pile of dog poop on it!

Is this how you spend your time

I see now why Philippians 4:11 says to ” Be content in all things”. ¬†I am assuming this also means the pile of poop with that unbearable smell! I guess no matter who’s eyes are glaring down my path conjuring up an opinion, I just have to be content in my own personal path because ultimately I have to remember this “who the heck cares what others think” and instead of putting up one finger that is the most popular among so many, I put up all my fingers because more fingers up means my hands are in total surrender to the one that matters the most in every inch of who I am and He is the one keeping my path blazing!

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I am writing this truly for my own benefit but I hope it’s just as encouraging to you than it is to me. Funny thing is, this morning I had two people come to me in tears about their life. One was depressed and the other was sad about a death of someone she had just meet. I guess I have the face of kindness and the smile that God uses to mend broken hearts. I say this because checking the broken pieces of yourself regularly is for your benefit but it’s also for the benefits of those around you. ¬†However, don’t deplete yourself so much so that your cup is empty and you have nothing to replenish yourself.


So when someone drops a bag of poop on your path don’t glare at it to long to where the smell rots away at the keen senses that you have developed along the way of this thing we call life. Hop over it just as quickly as you spotted it. And if you get a little on your shoe, wipe it off as soon as you can. Sometimes we step in it unknowingly and the smell creeps up on us.

Create your own miracles

If you smell a little stank, that means your carrying something that your not intended to carry. Hurry up and get it off of you and keep blazing your path.

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